Strategies to Accelerate Innovation in Pediatric Space

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Why is it so difficult to develop drugs for children with cancer? What can be done to stimlate investments in the pediatric oncology space?  These questions are central to a new study published by MIT Sloan researchers that explores new business models for funding drug development to treat pediatric cancers.

 The presentation sumamrizes the key findings of the study & talks about the challenges  of developing drugs for pediatric cancer–and offers a potential solution. The study finds that a collaborative investment structure involving backing from the private sector, government, and philanthropic organizations holds the greatest promise for new drug discovery in pediatric oncology.

Business ModelBusiness Model


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Sakshi Saini
Sakshi Saini
Sakshi has a passion for healthcare and innovation in medical techs (Rx and devices). Her ability lies in providing an "outside-in" perspective to colleagues involved in the design, development and commercialization of medical innovation. She comes with a wide range of experience in the oncology space pertaining to both solid tumors and blood malignancies (Lung, Colorectal, Melanoma,AML and MDS).She works with RAS clients to provide activities related to market research and competitive intelligence. She is also a member of European Society of Clinical Oncology.

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