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  1. ASCO 2017 is primarily setting the stage for future as it relates to Prostate Cancer – a large number of presentations are focused on early stage data from new compounds and/or combinations of existing. The truly practice impacting trials such as IMbassador250, ARASENS, PROfound and TRITON3 will be touched upon as it relates to their design and current status. But we will have to wait for future ASCOs for their readouts.
  2. The major Prostate Cancer related highlights for ASCO 2017 will be STAMPEDE readout that will outline the comparative efficacy of ADT, docetaxel, celecoxib, abiraterone and enzalutamide regimens with or without zoledronic acid or prednisolone or radiotherapy, in treatment naïve PC patients. The overall survival data from the “abiraterone comparison” arm could be presented at the ASCO meeting this year.  The comparative results are likely to impact the clinical practice in treating PC, significantly in case a clear winner is seen.
  3. Similarly, the LATITUDE study results would generate a lot of commentary as it puts to test, the value of adding abiraterone prednisolone to ADT in front line treatment of mHNPC
  4. The PLATO study would be of high interest as it may put to rest the hypothesis on the utility of continuing enzalutamide (in combination with abiraterone + prednisone combination) post progression. Astellas may showcase a subgroup analysis on those patients who benefited from enza+abi/p combination post progression. It would be certainly elicit a high interest from the physician community to understand the phenotypic profiles of such patients.
  5. I/O will be conspicuous by the absence of any late stage data. There are a couple of I/O readouts e.g. atezolizumab + GDC-0919 (IDO inhibitor) and sipluecel-T + indoximod, both showing encouraging clinical activity. Other I/O agents such as nivolumab and pembrolizumab are somewhat behind and will limiting their messages to their ongoing trials. Merck KGaA (Darmstadt) and Pfizer will present preliminary safety data for Avelumab in mCRPC (Javelin Phase 1 study)
  6. Phase 2 Failures: Selinexor – an oral selective inhibitor of nuclear export ( from KaryoPharm) & Reolysin – novel reovirus-based agent (from Oncolytics Biotech)

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Zahid Nabi
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