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Are you working in healthcare market research or competitive intelligence or market intelligence? Do you often face information overload, from the pharma news portals, clinical trial registries, regulatory agencies, financial reports, investor releases, pharma summits, investment news, and financial summits etc.?

It is hard to keep a track of all the forces (external and internal) that affects a product’s development and performance in the healthcare/ pharmaceutical market.

We at RAS Life Science Solutions (RASLSS) have it all covered for you. We have resident experts who can clarify and contextualize market complexity. We know how to generate meaningful insights to arrive at decisions with confidence.

Founded in 2014, RAS is a boutique strategy consulting firm dedicated to providing bench-to-bedside decision support to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies via Information and Strategy Support services.

We specialize in executing customer and competitive research projects in Oncology, Ophthalmology, Neuroscience, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Biosimilars and more. We also provide strategy support services via conducting workshops for companies aimed at understanding and planning for the future via scenario analysis and role playing.

Additionally, we also facilitate companies in partnering, investment and portfolio management.

In our series, we will discuss and provide guidance on issues related to strategy and execution. We will cover topics such as product strategy, clinical development, launch readiness and much more. From the latest groundbreaking discoveries in biology to changes in government regulations, our conversations are always evolving.

In today’s episode, we will cover the fundamentals of Market Intelligence in an easy to understand language.

Let’s tune in…

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Sakshi Saini
Sakshi Saini
Sakshi has a passion for healthcare and innovation in medical techs (Rx and devices). Her ability lies in providing an "outside-in" perspective to colleagues involved in the design, development and commercialization of medical innovation. She comes with a wide range of experience in the oncology space pertaining to both solid tumors and blood malignancies (Lung, Colorectal, Melanoma,AML and MDS).She works with RAS clients to provide activities related to market research and competitive intelligence. She is also a member of European Society of Clinical Oncology.

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