Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery and Design

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“Everything, when miniaturized to the sub-100-nanometer scale, has new properties, regardless of what it is,” Chad Mirkin, professor of chemistry at Northwestern University. This is what makes nanoparticles the materials of the future.

 Nanotechnology is one of the most exciting frontiers in medicine with market potential of $350 billion by 2025. It is a cutting-edge advancement within science and engineering. It is not a single field but an intense collaboration between disciplines to manipulate materials on the atomic and molecular level. When this technology is applied to medicine, the results are especially exciting, and can better our lives in drastic new ways.

 Each breakthrough in nanotechology solves a problem that many thought could not be overcome.

This presentation takes the reader on an exciting journey, about the Science beneath the development of Oncology Nano Drug delivery systems. How the tumor mico and macro environments throws conspicuous challenges to the nanotech field?  Furthermore, the presentation also gives a sneak view of Nanotherapeutics clinical landscape across development strategies and tumors.

 Lastly, it also provides a glimpse of what lies beyond Nanotech and Where is Pharma heading to?

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Sakshi Saini
Sakshi Saini
Sakshi has a passion for healthcare and innovation in medical techs (Rx and devices). Her ability lies in providing an "outside-in" perspective to colleagues involved in the design, development and commercialization of medical innovation. She comes with a wide range of experience in the oncology space pertaining to both solid tumors and blood malignancies (Lung, Colorectal, Melanoma,AML and MDS).She works with RAS clients to provide activities related to market research and competitive intelligence. She is also a member of European Society of Clinical Oncology.

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