Leveraging Digital Technology, Telemedicine, and Analytics to Transform Clinical Research

Digital Clinical Trial
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Digitalization of clinical trials will soon become the norm for pharma industry. In the industry's ongoing quest to bring new life-saving treatments to the world, telemedicine offers the potential to be an effective and a sustainable technology platform for improving the efficiency and quality of clinical trials. Most of the pharmaceutical companies are jumping into the bandwagon slowly but surely. Sensors, wearables, remote monitoring systems and sophisticated analytics hold the promise of ushering in highly efficient and insightful clinical trials. The new paradigm of digital clinical trials is likely to reduce the cost of bringing a scientific breakthrough to market. This in turn, bodes well for cost burden associated with innovative pharmaceuticals. How the intersection between clinical trials and medical practice evolves, as facilitated by digital technologies, is a broader topic to be explored in the future.

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Aditya Bahl
Aditya Bahl
Aditya started RAS Life Science Solutions in 2014 with a single minded aim: to support the development and commercialization of healthcare solutions that hold the promise of alleviating the burden of disease, globally. He has been consulting to Pharma, Medical Device and Digital Therapeutics companies since 2010. Prior to that he held strategy and operations focused roles in Novartis and J&J. He has been engaged in several R&D strategy planning and Brand Planning projects, supporting the development and commercialization of innovative healthcare interventions.

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