Innovations in Pharma Manufacturing: Current Trends and Future Outlook

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Shifting demands, price and portfolio pressures are pushing pharma manufacturers to fast-track innovation Precision medicine is having a direct impact on manufacturing facilities from complexity and activity perspectives: Pharma companies are now forced to think in terms of manufacturing medicine for a few thousand patients instead of the traditional mass volume manufacturing. With the health regulators taking an encouraging stance towards innovations in manufacturing, the stage is set for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to adopt innovative manufacturing philosophies such as Continuous Manufacturing, 3D Bioprinting and the associated technological artifacts e.g. Single Use Systems.

There is no single panacea for healthcare cost burden that is increasing globally/ Manufacturing is also neither 'the' growth driver nor the biggest 'cost sink' for a Pharma company; however, it certainly is a very important frontier for any bio/pharma company to stay on the competitive edge. At the same time, it is in the interest of all healthcare stakeholders manufacturing of essential medicines is reliable, consistent and cost-effective. The upcoming technologies promise to deliver on those requirements effectively and hopefully, cost-effectively

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Aditya Bahl
Aditya Bahl
Aditya started RAS Life Science Solutions in 2014 with a single minded aim: to support the development and commercialization of healthcare solutions that hold the promise of alleviating the burden of disease, globally. He has been consulting to Pharma, Medical Device and Digital Therapeutics companies since 2010. Prior to that he held strategy and operations focused roles in Novartis and J&J. He has been engaged in several R&D strategy planning and Brand Planning projects, supporting the development and commercialization of innovative healthcare interventions.

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