Key Questions RAS Can Help You Answer

  • What is the current situation as it relates to the use of digital technology in healthcare?

  • What types of technologies and support are most needed by and likely to be adopted by the stakeholders?

  • Who are my key competitors' in digital healthcare?

  • What are the factors enabling and driving new forms of digital (beyond the pill) solutions?

  • What are some best-in-class beyond the pill initiatives in your category and beyond it? What’s working and what's not? What types of behaviour and results can you expect from your investment?

  • What are some of the best digital health practices currently adopted by companies?

  • What are the latest technology trends, innovations & market developments and its implications on my business?

  • Which potential product/platform/applications should we go for? Who are the potential technology partners for my digital initiative?

Featured Insights

August 10, 2017 / Digital, Featured Insights

The Wearable Story – Part 1

The rapid consumer adoption of wearable devices for the collection of health data has inspired the next revolution in clinical trial operations. The integration of wearable health monitors with smartphones has opened up several fronts in clinical research. These integrated device-app-database systems can increase the frequency and accuracy of data collection, improve operational efficiencies, and achieve greater patient engagement in the clinical trial process.
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