Beyond the hype surrounding #ArtificalIntelligence, #MachineLearning and #DeepLearning, there are several serious research groups working on developing AI based technologies to improve healthcare. At ASCO19, several academic and industry groups presented the outcomes of their research in developing tools for improving oncology healthcare. The range of presentations was wide – Identifying new biological targets, algorithm driven diagnosis (including staging) and prognosis, treatment response analysis and predicting patient outcomes. Beyond the classical AI discovery-to-outcomes applications, few
1L EGFRm+ Lung cancer is rapidly evolving and changing. Tagrisso is leading the pack with ORR of 77% and PFS of 18.9 mos. However, talking about overall survival, Dacomitinib is currently leading with OS of 34.1 mos. As Tagrioss’s final OS data is yet to be declared, the OS in 1L could reach beyond 40 mos. Click here for References Tarceva: EURTAC results; PubMed: lancet oncology; Tarceva Label Iressa: Iressa Label; IPASS data; EPAR_-_Public_assessment_report;